Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve

Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve is a 374 acre preserve in Pickens County near Table Rock. The preserve is home to three rare ferns including one that is found nowhere else in North America. There are several primitive campsites that run along the creek. It's rumored that Eastatoe Creek is home to many rainbow trout but they apparently fear me so much that they run and hide every time I show up.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 38 miles.

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Map to parking area.

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Charlotte's Historic Arts District

Charlotte's Historic Arts District is everything West Greenville could be in five years. It's a funky little area that has been revitalized recently. There are great pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. (All things West Greenville needs.)

The Neighborhood Theatre is a great little venue, similar to the Handlebar in Greenville. We were fortunate enough to catch The Duhks and The Lovell Sisters there, both of whom will be performing at Merlefest in April.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 106 miles.

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Flat Rock Wine Shoppe

Update on the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe. They are now serving dinner featuring such things as Duck Breast with Risotto, Pork Tenderloin Scaloppini and Wild Mushroom and White Bean Ragout. Check out the rest of their menu here. With their extensive beer and wine list and their cozy atmosphere you can't wrong.

The Flat Rock Wine Shoppe has a great wine and beer selection, including many high gravity brews. In addition an intimate listening room serving a limited menu with a full bar is attached next door. Local folk and bluegrass artists such as Laura Blackley, Ginny Wilder and the Lonesome Road Band are frequent performers.

Featured here is Johnson's Crossroad, a great little "Bent Acoustic Country" band from West Virginia. Although the front man's last name is Johnson, I assume the band is named after the Robert Johnson myth. Or maybe not.

Location: 35°16'16.88"N 82°26'29.91"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 35 miles
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Green Creek Winery

Green Creek Winery is a nice little winery located in Columbus, NC (near Landrum, SC). Even though they've only been in business since 2005, they've already established an international reputation by creating a variety of wine that is made nowhere else in the world. They call it Chardonnay Rosso. Here's a description of it from Wine Spectator:

A winery in North Carolina has taken the idea of mixing white wine with red wine a bit literally. Instead of drinking the two over the course of a night, Green Creek winery in Polk County is producing a red Chardonnay. "It's very red," said winery cofounder Alvin Pack of his inaugural 2006 Chardonnay Rosso. "And it's very fruity." Green Creek, a newcomer to the wine world, was looking to come up with a "different kind of wine," not unlike a white Zinfandel or white Merlot … only in reverse. In the case of Chardonnay Rosso, the Chardonnay juice gets tinted with the skins of Chamborcin, a hybrid red grape. Pack chose Chamborcin after "a lot of research" and said the grape, when made as a single-varietal red, is "heavily colored." Therefore, a little of the skins go a long way for changing the color of the Chardonnay. While the Chamborcin influence is muted, it's definitely still there...

Distance from downtown Greenville: 48 miles.

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Art Loeb Trail

Named after an avid hiker from Brevard, the Art Loeb trail is a 30 mile trail running from Pisgah National Forest through the Shining Rock Wilderness. Several peaks over 6000 feet can be reached via the trail including Black Balsam, Tennet Mountain, Shining Rock and Cold Mountain. The trail starts near the Davidson River and ends near the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp.

Distance from downtown Greenville to northern trailhead at Daniel Boone Scout Camp: 88 miles.

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