Green Creek Winery

Green Creek Winery is a nice little winery located in Columbus, NC (near Landrum, SC). Even though they've only been in business since 2005, they've already established an international reputation by creating a variety of wine that is made nowhere else in the world. They call it Chardonnay Rosso. Here's a description of it from Wine Spectator:

A winery in North Carolina has taken the idea of mixing white wine with red wine a bit literally. Instead of drinking the two over the course of a night, Green Creek winery in Polk County is producing a red Chardonnay. "It's very red," said winery cofounder Alvin Pack of his inaugural 2006 Chardonnay Rosso. "And it's very fruity." Green Creek, a newcomer to the wine world, was looking to come up with a "different kind of wine," not unlike a white Zinfandel or white Merlot … only in reverse. In the case of Chardonnay Rosso, the Chardonnay juice gets tinted with the skins of Chamborcin, a hybrid red grape. Pack chose Chamborcin after "a lot of research" and said the grape, when made as a single-varietal red, is "heavily colored." Therefore, a little of the skins go a long way for changing the color of the Chardonnay. While the Chamborcin influence is muted, it's definitely still there...

Distance from downtown Greenville: 48 miles.

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