Greenville Zoo

Check out the new giraffs at the Greenville Zoo.

The Greenville Zoo is small but nice. A yearly family pass, which is very reasonable, gets you into several larger zoos, including "Riverbanks, ZooAtlanta, and over 130 other Zoos around the country."

Location: 34°50'50.14"N 82°23'9.24"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 0 miles
Local Geocaches

Mt. Rogers

Mt. Rogers is the highest point in Virginia at 5,729 feet. There are several routes to the summit. Although there is no view from the top, the trails that meander through open meadows and boreal forests make it well worth the journey. No camping is allowed on the summit but there are plenty of great campsites nearby.

Two benchmarks mark the summit.

Regardless of which trail you take, ultimately you end up on one of the nicest sections of the Appalachian Trail. This sections runs through Grayson Highlands, home to wild ponies.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 213 miles

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Tree Climbers International

Learn how to climb trees using a system of ropes and harnesses that does not damage the tree.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 142 miles.

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The Windover Inn

The Windover Inn is a great little Bed and Breakfast in Waynesville, NC. The house itself is beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of Thomas Wolfe's home in Asheville.

The grounds are quiet and peaceful offering several places to sit and read or enjoy a glass of wine. Downtown Waynesville, which is within walking distance, offers several nice dinning options. For good beer options check out Nick and Nate's or Headlights. For upscale Southern cuisine with a good wine selection check out Sweet Onion. For wine, cigars, and craft beer to take with you check out Vin Wine Bar.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 84 miles

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