Grayson Highlands State Park

This is a bit of a stretch for the purposes of this blog, given that Grayson Highlands is a four hour drive from Greenville, but it’s definitely worth the drive. Located in southwest Virginia, this state park offers camping, hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails. There is even a stable on the premises. The park borders the Jefferson National Forest, which resembles Nova Scotia much more so than the southeast. Mt. Rogers, located within walking distance via the Appalachian trail is the highest mountain in Virginia.

In addition to the amazing scenery, wild ponies roam free in the park and are quite friendly. The best place to spot them is via the Rhododendron Gap Trail located at the Massie Gap Parking area.

Compare the two images below. The one on the left I took yesterday at Grayson Highlands. The one on the right I took four years ago in Nova Scotia. (Click images for a larger view.)

Winter Images (click to see larger view):

Location: 36°36'44.36"N 81°29'24.54"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 213 miles