Greenville - A good place to live

Fortune Magazine recently named Greenville as one of the top places to retire. This comes on the heels of a  feature article on Greenville appearing in US Air's in-flight magazine.  Meanwhile Charleston is named one of the Top American Towns in this month's addition of Outside Magazine and was recently named the number two vacation spot by Conde Nast.  Asheville was recently named Beer City USA and (along with Brevard) was named one of the best cities to raise an outdoor kid by Backpacker Magazine. Considering that these places are all within a day's drive, Greenville seems like a pretty good place to live.

Otter Creek Water Park

I'm not a big fan of water parks or amusement parks. Something about standing in line for 30 minutes for 30 seconds of thrill just doesn't work for me but the kids seem to like it. I recently took one of my sons to Northside park where a new water park has opened called Otter Creek and with the current heatwave some readers might find it to be a nice diversion. It's kind of hard to find information on it on-line but it's a nice place. Definitely for kids as the deepest swimming area is only 3 feet  deep but they have three slides and a wade pool and one of those fountain deals the kids can run around under. There's also a snack bar. I can't remember what the entrance fee was but it seems like it was about ten bucks for swimmers and two dollars for non-swimming parents.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 12 miles.

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Patriots Point

Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant currently contains an aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, and a submarine, the USS Clamagore, for public tour.  A battleship, the USS Laffey is also on tour most of the time but is currently in North Charleston at a shipyard for dry dock repairs.  The Yorktown contains a number of aircraft and a newly installed Medal of Honor museum. One of the nice features of the tour is the ability to have a home cooked lunch in the mess hall.

The Point is currently in dire need of federal support. Rep Jim Clyburn has introduced legislation to get the needed funds to keep the ships a float and open to the public.  You can read more here.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 215 miles

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