Otter Creek Water Park

I'm not a big fan of water parks or amusement parks. Something about standing in line for 30 minutes for 30 seconds of thrill just doesn't work for me but the kids seem to like it. I recently took one of my sons to Northside park where a new water park has opened called Otter Creek and with the current heatwave some readers might find it to be a nice diversion. It's kind of hard to find information on it on-line but it's a nice place. Definitely for kids as the deepest swimming area is only 3 feet  deep but they have three slides and a wade pool and one of those fountain deals the kids can run around under. There's also a snack bar. I can't remember what the entrance fee was but it seems like it was about ten bucks for swimmers and two dollars for non-swimming parents.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 12 miles.

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