Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa

If you live anywhere within a day's drive of Greenville or Asheville, you owe yourself a trip to the Grove Park Inn. Built in 1913, the Grove Park has expanded from it's original structure to include two newer wings. Personally I prefer the rooms in the older wing. These are not only cheaper but cozier and more "inn-like."

View from one of the outdoor terraces.

The spa is a truly fantastic experience. You enter it through a hallway lined with stone walls, dim lighting, soft music and the aroma of eucalyptus. The spa itself is built to look like an underground cave. It features an indoor lap pool, a heated pool, hot tubs with waterfalls pouring hot water over you, a dry sauna, a wet sauna, etc, etc. Fires are burning in the various fire places inside and out. New age and classical music plays throughout, including under the water. No children are allowed and the spa limits the number of guests to a few dozen per day to assure a tranquil experience.

There are several restaurants within the inn ranging from moderate pricing to extremely upscale. There are many other amenities including a golf course, a gym, antique car exhibit, a great room with two enormous wood fireplaces and lots of places to find a private place to enjoy a drink and smoke a cigar.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 65 miles