Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail

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Tom over at the Random Connections blog recently gave a nice account of his exploration of the Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail which connects Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville. Tom started in TR and rode toward Greenville. Inspired by his photos and his story, the kids and I decided to hit the trail today but we started from the other direction. We left our house downtown and hit the beginning of the trail at River Place across from the Peace Center. Unfortunately a mile later as we entered the Cripple Creek Community we met a sign stating, "Temporary End of the Trail," which we had seen every other time we had gotten to this point. But this time we passed the sign and rode our bikes through a soccer field hoping we'd find the rest of the trail. We found a short trail leading to a train track so we started to check it out on foot and came across this abandoned locomotive.

As we neared it though a continuous clanking sound was coming from inside. Fearful that it might be someone living inside and giving us a warning to stay clear we turned and left. We ultimately ended up in some woods passing a "No Trespassing - Radio Frequency" sign from the wrong direction. We never found where the trail reconnected so we turned back and went home. Nevertheless it was a nice adventure. When this trail is completed it will be a great addition to the area. Read more about the project here. Also please check out Tom's Photos. I'm looking forward to trying it from the Travelers Rest side.

On our way through Falls Park we did catch a nice view of the Great Blue Heron that resides there, as well as this poor copperhead hanging onto a rock for dear life after the morning rain raised the water level of his habitat.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 1-9 miles

Climbmax Climbing Center

Located in downtown Asheville, this is primarily an indoor bouldering facility but they do have this 3 story climbing wall located just outside the climbing gym.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 63 miles.

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Shelton Vineyards

If you've ever tasted wine from the Biltmore Estate (or any other east coast wine) then you may have come to the conclusion that East Coast wine isn't worth the overpriced bottle it's packaged in. Well Shelton is one exception. Located in the Yadkin Valley, they are the largest winery in North Carolina with 200 acres of vineyards. The Yadkin Valley is home to about 20 different wineries. It's a beautiful area of North Carolina and the drive itself is worth the trip. Shelton offers a tasting of five wines for five dollars and you get to keep the glass. They also offer winery tours.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 185 miles

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Distance from downtown Greenville: 48 miles

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Coal Fired Pizza

Pssst.....Don't let the name or the location fool you. This just might be the finest restaurant in Greenville County. Just don't tell too many people.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 12 miles

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Looking Glass Rock

Located between Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway, Looking Glass Rock is "a pluton formed by underground volcanic activity," according to the sign at the overlook on the parkway. It's called Looking Glass, because when it's wet it reflects light like a large mirror. There are three ways to the top. You can climb up the side, you can take a five mile hike starting here or you can reach it by helicopter as there is a large helicopter pad near the top. (This is used to rescue climbers who have fallen so unless you're a paramedic, don't count on this option.)

The view from the top is nice but there are nicer views on the way up via some side trails so check those out. There are also a few decent places to camp near the top. Just make sure you don't sleep walk, as there is nothing to keep you from falling off the side.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 59 miles

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Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge in N. Georgia was only established as a state park in 1993. There is a small campground located within walking distance of the gorge, unfortunately a four lane highway nearby makes sleeping a bit difficult. The gorge itself though is truly amazing. Getting to the bottom requires over 500 steps, which is no big deal on the way down but coming back up is a different story.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 89 miles

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