Looking Glass Rock

Located between Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway, Looking Glass Rock is "a pluton formed by underground volcanic activity," according to the sign at the overlook on the parkway. It's called Looking Glass, because when it's wet it reflects light like a large mirror. There are three ways to the top. You can climb up the side, you can take a five mile hike starting here or you can reach it by helicopter as there is a large helicopter pad near the top. (This is used to rescue climbers who have fallen so unless you're a paramedic, don't count on this option.)

The view from the top is nice but there are nicer views on the way up via some side trails so check those out. There are also a few decent places to camp near the top. Just make sure you don't sleep walk, as there is nothing to keep you from falling off the side.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 59 miles

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