Reedy Reels Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend in Greenville

Tryon Film Festival

The Tryon International Film Festival takes place this weekend in Tryon, NC.


See you there.

Hurricane Tavern and Cashville Mercantile Store

I noticed this store today while driving back from Woodruff and when I got home decided to do a little research.

Turns out it dates back to 1920 and the home next to it was built in 1811. Apparently it was quite the place back in the day. It was a farm, tavern and store located on the stage coach road from Columbia to Asheville and from Anderson to Spartanburg. There were 18 homes on the site for the tenants and their families to live.

It still contains a number of structures on the property as well as a cotton gin but it's all very dilapidated.

There's quite a bit more I found out about the property on the National Registry of Historic places website.  Hurricane Tavern

There are more photographs here.

Charleston Shooting Suspect Visited Greenville

Generally I try to keep this blog positive and mention only the great things going on around Greenville but I'm going to make an exception.  Below are two images found on Dylann Roof's hard drive.

Greenvillians will likely recognize the first one. It's a shot of the footbridge near the Peace Center. You can see from the flags hung on the bridge that this was taken around the time of Artishphere.

This second one you may not be familiar with but it's Roof standing in front of the Museum and Library of Confederate History  located on Boyce Ave. a couple of blocks from the Greenville zoo. 

In his manifesto he mentions that his inspiration largely came from reading the cherry picked articles on a site called the Council of Conservative Citizens. On that site you will find an ad for The Dixie Republic, a ridiculous store located in Traveler's Rest.

So was he drawn to Greenville County because of it's beautiful downtown, or to purchase confederate
paraphernalia such as seen on his car, or to expand his knowledge of separatist history?  Well two of the three seem pretty obvious.

This confused young man was drawn here because of our "heritage" and the fact that we we still embrace it so openly pretending that it represents something other than hate and division.

Meanwhile the Dixie Republic is still in business and the confederate flag is still displayed prominently in front of our Statehouse.

Is heritage really more important than lives?
Edit: The Greenville News has now published a story expounding on the above.

Dylann Roof visited Greenville Confederate museum

Lake Lure Dragon Boat Race

Mom, leading the charge.

Dragon captain.

Soco Falls

Soco Falls is a beautiful water fall that is easily accessible. It's only 100' or so off of Hwy 19 near Cherokee.

Douglas Falls in Big Ivy is worth a visit. There are two ways to get there. The easy drive/tough-walk way or the tough-drive/easy walk way. I'd suggest the former but both have their benefits.

The easy drive involves driving to the Craggy Garden parking area on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's definitely more scenic. From there you take the Mountains to Sea Trail about a mile to the Douglas Falls trail. Then travel another couple miles to the falls. The trail to the falls is beautiful with lots of lush greenery. It is rugged and a steep climb back up. There is also another waterfall that you'll cross on the trail that's pretty interesting as it's basically a long shoot. It almost looks like the log flume ride at Dollywood. 

The other way is to drive directly to the area known as Big Ivy in Barnardsville. The map below will take you to the entrance, which is about an hour and forty-five minutes from downtown Greenville. But from there you'll travel on a forestry road for another thirty minutes or so assuming you're driving as fast you can possibly drive safely. The road does hug a very steep cliff so you might want to take it a bit slower.  The road dead ends at the trail head which you can't miss. It's blazed in yellow and the falls are about a half mile further. There is a great campsite just above the falls and a few others on the way to Craggy Gardens should you feel inclined to head that way. 

You can find more information about the area here.

Greenville Scottish Games (A.K.A. Highland Games)

Regular readers of this blog know I love all things Gaelic. (Regular readers of this blog are also non-existent, but what the hey? I'm pretty much just talking to myself here, right?) The Greenville Scottish Games fall into that category. Here's a few pics from this past weekend's event at Furman University.   
Why wouldn't this event be a hit?
There's a bird show, border collie
show, caber tossing, beer, food
and bagpipes.
one want?

Shortoff Mountain at Linville Gorge

Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge is a must see. It requires a somewhat strenuous two mile hike to the top of the gorge before it levels out but the views are amazing and my photos below do not do it justice.

The drive up from Greenville is really nice (once you get off I-85).  The last mile or so is on a gravel road. Go to the end and park. You can't miss the trail. 

Water is scarce when you get to the ridge, but there is one small spring near the top of Shortoff. Of course during dry seasons it may not exist. 

Tree Frog Trail

Despite the poor spelling, Tree Frog Trail is a really nice little mountain biking trail off the Swamp Rabbit Trail near Mauldin. You can reach it by parking on Parkins Mill Road near the bridge that goes under I-85 and then hopping on the SRT. Ride down past the treatment plant and you'll come to a split in the trail. To the left is the "Treefrog" Trail.

Table Rock and The Chimneys - Linville Gorge

The Chimneys are a grouping of rock formations located at the top of Linville Gorge, NC. They can be accessed easily via the Mountains to Sea Trail.

One of my sons, Lance.

Cave on the Mountains to Sea Trail

Close to the Chimneys is Table Rock Mountain which can be seen here from the parking area. From the parking area go right on the MST about a mile to reach the summit. Then go back the way you came past the parking area about another mile to reach the area known as the Chimneys. There are a number of camp sites near the parking lot but others along the trail as well, including in the cave seen above. 

Table Rock Parking Area

Summit of Table Rock, NC