Greenville Scottish Games (A.K.A. Highland Games)

Regular readers of this blog know I love all things Gaelic. (Regular readers of this blog are also non-existent, but what the hey? I'm pretty much just talking to myself here, right?) The Greenville Scottish Games fall into that category. Here's a few pics from this past weekend's event at Furman University.   
Why wouldn't this event be a hit?
There's a bird show, border collie
show, caber tossing, beer, food
and bagpipes.
one want?

Shortoff Mountain at Linville Gorge

Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge is a must see. It requires a somewhat strenuous two mile hike to the top of the gorge before it levels out but the views are amazing and my photos below do not do it justice.

The drive up from Greenville is really nice (once you get off I-85).  The last mile or so is on a gravel road. Go to the end and park. You can't miss the trail. 

Water is scarce when you get to the ridge, but there is one small spring near the top of Shortoff. Of course during dry seasons it may not exist.