R.I.P. David Brannock - 1957-2010

In my last couple posts I mentioned a Saturday afternoon drive that ended in Hendersonville at the Blue Note Grill. When I first arrived at the Blue Note around 4:00, I was the only patron.  So the bartender and I discussed kayaking and camping and fishing and gardening and miscellaneous other things. After awhile the owner of the Blue Note, David, showed up. I noticed that his signature waist length pony tail was missing. He said he felt he'd finally gotten too old for it. He poured a cup of coffee and then he and I spent a couple hours discussing music, food, craft beer, and the revitalization of Hendersonville. He showed me his new menu and asked for suggestions. We discussed how vinyl records are making a comeback. He mentioned his wife and kids. He was proud that his youngest only had a semester of college left.  After his second cup of coffee, as if on cue, the bartender, Jim, poured him a Speckled Hen, clearly a ritual.  Eventually other patrons arrived.  A woman named Amanda. A Swedish fellow named Bo.  Couples and groups of couples.  Laura Blackley, host of Local Color on WNCW performed with the Swayback Sisters. As the house filled, Dave made the rounds and treated every patron the same way he always does, like we were all old friends.

Two days later David passed away in his sleep.  There will be a celebration of his life this Sunday at the Blue Note. More details can be found here.