Natty Greene's

Natty Greene's pub is located on Elm St. in Greensboro, NC just a couple of blocks from the Woolworth's store made infamous by the 1960 sit-ins. The pub is named after Nathaniel Greene, the revolutionary war general that Greensboro and (most likely) Greenville, are named for.

Natty Greene's has three levels located in a refurbished brick building. They offer some of the finest microbrews in the Carolinas. Personally, I think they should open a second location here in the West End.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 190 miles

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Walk Across America Part Deux

Keep an eye out for this guy Upstate.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that B. J. Hill was in Greenville on his walk from California to Boston. Another fellow who is making the same trek, although in reverse, is Skip Potts. Skip is walking from Boston to California to raise money for education. He's currently in the upstate, having just spent the weekend in Greenville. He's making a documentary of the trip and this morning I was fortunate enough to meet his cameraman. He goes by the name Freeland on the web so I'll just call him by that name here. Freeland is maintaining a blog of the trip which is a damn good read. With his storytelling skills as a writer I have no doubt that the documentary will turn out well. Skip is maintaining a blog as well. Check them out, and if you like what they're doing, send them a few bucks.

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