This is located somewhere between Congaree National Park and Santee State Park. The collection of bones is not nearly as weird to me as the candy cane hanging on the tree. There are large No Trespassing signs just outside of the right frame line.

Approximate Location: 33°49'31.94"N 80°39'32.77"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 134 miles

Santee State Park

Santee State Park is located on Lake Marion. It has great fishing, a few hiking and mountain biking trails, and canoe and kayak rentals.

There are both cabin rentals and camp sites available.

Location: 33°32'14.21"N 80°29'58.07"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 156 miles
Local Geocaches

Tennent Mountain

Tennent Mountain is one of 41 mountains east of the Mississippi over 6000 feet in elevation. It can be reached by way of the Art Loeb trail found on Black Balsam road off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

360 degree view from atop Tennent Mountain. Click on image to see larger view.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 70 miles

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McCrady's Restaurant

McCrady's is the best restaurant in Charleston. Great atmosphere. Great wine bar. Great food. Be sure to browse their gallery.

Location: 32°46'41.05"N 79°55'37.38"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 214 miles
Local Geocaches

Dugan's Pub

Dugan's Pub is a great little Irish pub in Brevard, NC - home of the white squirrel.

The story told by locals is that Brevard is the only place in the world where white squirrels can be found. According to the story, they arrived by way of a gypsy caravan that had a couple of white squirrels as part of their show. The squirrels escaped their cages and made home in Brevard. Apparently there are several other small towns that share the same story.

Location: 35°13'58.74"N 82°43'57.41"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 44 miles
Local Geocaches

Ashmore Heritage Preserve

The Ashmore Heritage Preserve is a little known area of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area in Northern Greenville County, with trails, a waterfall and this small lake. From Greenville, take Persimmon Ridge Rd. off of 276 and travel .9 miles to a parking area on the right to access the trail.

Location: 35° 5'8.06"N 82°34'45.14"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 23 miles
Local Geocaches

Crenshaw's Grocery

One of the great things about driving back roads is the crazy weirdo things you sometimes come across.

Apparently a lot of cows have died near the Crenshaw Grocery in Laurens County, SC.

Location: 34°25'25.63"N 82° 2'48.35"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 45 miles
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Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park, located below Columbia, SC is floodplain area with walking trails, camping and canoeing available. It's one of the tallest deciduous forests in the world.

We found this little guy atop a Cyprus knee. Cyprus trees, which are located throughout the park, have roots such as this one (called knees) that rise up like stalagmites helping the tress to breathe.

Location: 33°46'60.00"N 80°46'60.00"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 132 miles
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North Mills River Recreation Area

The North Mills River which runs through this campground, is a pristine spot for trout fishing.

Location: 35°24'0.24"N 82°35'17.01"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 53 miles
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Mountains to Sea Trail

One of the great things about living in Greenville, SC is that it’s centrally located between the mountains and the ocean. Last Thursday I was sitting on Folly Beach, SC (shown below). As one son skimboarded and the other collected shark’s teeth, I watched a dolphin swim by each of them no more than 200 feet from shore. Two days later my wife and I were hiking through the snow at 5000 feet, just north of Brevard, NC on the Mountains to Sea Trail (shown above).

The Mountains to Sea Trail is a 908 mile trail that starts at Clingman’s Dome (the second highest peak east of the Mississippi) and ends at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nag’s Head North Carolina.

Location: From 35°33'46.50"N 83°29'54.66"W to 35°57'30.67"N 75°37'51.01"W
Distance from downtown Greenville to Green Knob: 65 miles

Southend Brewery

Located on East Bay St., a few blocks from the Battery, Southend is the best microbrewery in Charleston in my opinion. Of course I think it may be the only microbrewery in Charleston.

Location: 32°46'43.14"N 79°55'37.37"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 213 miles
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