Greenville Triathlon and Paris Mountain 7k

Well the Paris Mountain Tri was cancelled at the last minute last weekend due to weather, but two other events of a similar nature are occurring this weekend. 

Saturday the Paris Mountain 7K takes place at 7 AM.

Sunday, the last tri event of the season in the Greenville area takes place at the Westside Aquatic Center with the Greenville Triathlon

Grandfather Mountain Trails

One of the best hikes I've ever experienced occurred recently at Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC.

I started on a trail called the Profile Trail. The image to the left demonstrates why it's called that. Near the top there is this view that looks like the profile of an old man.

The Profile Trail is beautifully constructed with lots of large boulders, moss covered stones, a couple of creek crossings, and some great views.

This trail goes up hill to the Grandfather Trail which is where it really gets great.

The Grandfather Trail is a ridge trail that requires the use of several ladders, some cables and in some spots crawling on hands and knees.
 There's a short spur trail that leads to a large cave. 

This is not a view from the trail. This is the actual trail.

This is the same section of trail looking the other direction. 

The trail goes all the way to the swinging bridge, so you either have to turn around or catch a ride back down the mountain. If you want to do this same hike, travel through Linville toward Boon on HWY 105 and park at the area labelled "Profile Trail Parking."

Distance from downtown Greenville: 125 Miles

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Paris Mountain Triathlons (Sprint and International)

This Saturday there will be an International Triathon at Paris Mountain that starts at 7:00 AM. It involves a 500 meter swim, a 20 mile bike ride over Paris Mountain followed by a 5 mile run.

At 7:15, we novices will be competing in a sprint triathlon that involves a 500 meter swim, a 13 mile bike race, and 5 k run. Come cheer us on - and perform CPR if needed.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 10 miles