Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail - Update

Without a doubt the Google search that brings the most people to this blog is "Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail" so today I decided to follow up on a post I made here about a year ago. On Friday the Swamp Rabbit had it's official opening kicking off the event with a 5K run.

So today my youngest son and I decided again to see if we could get from our house to Traveler's Rest via the trail. I mentioned in a previous post that the last time we came to a dead end in the Cripple Creek community when we reached this point.

I had been told by someone who should know better than anyone that the trail continued on Washington Street, so we attempted the route shown below. We also met a nice couple who had run the 5K on Friday and were as eager as we were to find the path to TR.

View Swamp Rabbit Attempt #2 in a larger map

At first this lead us through a narrow foot path where we came across the abandoned building below. The couple plowed on and and a few minutes later we followed.

Eventually we came to Hwy 183 (Pete Hollis Blvd.) and we all decided it might be best to take it back to Main St. as there was no sign of where the trail might continue.

In our various adventures, my sons and I have come across a lot of interesting things from bears, to alligators, to weirdo cults and there's hardly a weekend during the the summer months we don't see a snake or two, but I don't think I'll be taking them back on this path for awhile. Although I suspect I'll be attempting it again myself before long. Perhaps I'll start from the TR end.


Beth Beutler said...

Thanks for the update. One clarification may be needed. The 5K (I participated) was celebrating the opening of a particular section of trail. I didn't sense it was announcing that the entire trail was ready. A small semantic maybe, but the start of your article may mislead people to think the entire trail is done. There is still a good bit of work as you discovered. But I'm assuming it will be great upon its full completion.

Beth Beutler said...

PS: Unfortunately, the article on Greenville Online made the same subtle mistake. By not clarifying that a SECTION of trail was being opened, it leads one to believe the entire thing is done.

Again, thanks for checking it out and reporting to us. I look forward to exploring it more as more of it opens.