Charlotte's Historic Arts District

Charlotte's Historic Arts District is everything West Greenville could be in five years. It's a funky little area that has been revitalized recently. There are great pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. (All things West Greenville needs.)

The Neighborhood Theatre is a great little venue, similar to the Handlebar in Greenville. We were fortunate enough to catch The Duhks and The Lovell Sisters there, both of whom will be performing at Merlefest in April.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 106 miles.

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Miss Destructo said...

Hi there! Just recently moved to Greenville from Florida.

I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and let me say it is a fantastic resource for events and neat places to visit. It has become my bible of sorts to find new hip things to do!

Recently checked out Stumphouse mountain! Spooky!
Herdklotz Park was probably the weirdest place I have been to so far here. Who builds a children's park on top of an old burned down TB hospital? :P

Anyways, I adore your writings! Keep up the good work...

I have my own website/blog here at Blogger also that will feature some of the more alternative events in the area!

Will be launching it soon, i'll make sure to give you a link on my page! :)

-Miss Destructo

Eric said...

I'm glad you enjoy the site. I look forward to the entries on your blog.