Flat Rock Wine Shoppe

Update on the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe. They are now serving dinner featuring such things as Duck Breast with Risotto, Pork Tenderloin Scaloppini and Wild Mushroom and White Bean Ragout. Check out the rest of their menu here. With their extensive beer and wine list and their cozy atmosphere you can't wrong.

The Flat Rock Wine Shoppe has a great wine and beer selection, including many high gravity brews. In addition an intimate listening room serving a limited menu with a full bar is attached next door. Local folk and bluegrass artists such as Laura Blackley, Ginny Wilder and the Lonesome Road Band are frequent performers.

Featured here is Johnson's Crossroad, a great little "Bent Acoustic Country" band from West Virginia. Although the front man's last name is Johnson, I assume the band is named after the Robert Johnson myth. Or maybe not.

Location: 35°16'16.88"N 82°26'29.91"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 35 miles
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Kimberli said...

I just saw this. Congratulations on making the front page of WYFF's South off South!


Eric said...

Thanks. They featured the site twice this week. That's cool.