Wedge Brewery

Wedge Brewery is a great new pub located in the River Arts District of Asheville. When you drive into the parking lot you might think you're in the wrong place. You might even think this is all a practical joke, but check it out.

The customer area of the pub itself is smaller than my living room but they serve several craft brews. The brewmaster was previously the brewmaster for Green Man Ales, found at another of my favorite places, Jack of the Wood. The only beer I can vouch for so far is the Golem, as it's the only one I had a chance to try, but it's an excellent elixir.

And while there you can check out several artist's studios in the area. Much like West Greenvillle, the River Arts District is a repressed area of Asheville that is being revitalized by local artists.

Wedge Brewery Podcast

Distance from downtown Greenville: 63 miles.

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