Obama Rally in Asheville, NC Sunday Oct 5th

Assuming you can find gas between here and Asheville (which is hard to do at the moment) here's a day trip worth considering this weekend.

"Obama is holding a campaign rally in Asheville Sunday. The rally, called 'Change We Need With Barack Obama,' takes place at Asheville High School’s Memorial Stadium. Gates open at noon and the rally is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m." More from Blue Ridge Now

And if you missed the VP debate Thursday, here's a condensed transcript.

Biden: McCain’s policies are no different than George Bush’s policies.

Palin: Darn right…things are bad…McCain is voice of change…by golly…gee whiz…I’m an outsider…voted for the war before you voted against it… Well heckfire I may not answer the questions the way you want me to, or any question I don’t want to answer for that matter, but I’m going to pretend I am…this great country…soccer games…kids…did I mention my special needs child and gee willikers ain’t I cute…Say it ain't so Joe, can I call you Joe...I still don’t know who the heck Fannie and Freddie are but they sound like good folk…so be a good American and vote for me, Joe Six Pack …maverick, maverick, maverick, maverick, maverick, maverick…

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Distance from downtown Greenville: 63 miles

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