Get Mavericky

This Sunday, Tina Fey impersonator (and future Fox News guest host) Sarah Palin will be sending the McCain campaign into further nosedive by appearing at the Asheville Civic Center. I saw Jerry Seinfeld perform there years ago and I have no doubt Palin will offer just as many laughs.

The Alaska governor is scheduled to appear Sunday evening at the Asheville Civic Center, according to the McCain campaign. Free tickets to the event will be available from 4-8 p.m. today at the Asheville Victory '08 headquarters, 16 Regent Park Blvd., according to the Buncombe County GOP Web site. Tickets will also be available at McCain campaign headquarters in Bryson City, Boone and Hickory.

So if empty pandering and talk radio cliches are your thing, get your tickets early.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 61 miles.

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Tom said...

According to Laura over at SpecsAppeal (, Palin arrived in time for the annual Zombie Walk in downtown Asheville. Seems entirely appropriate to me.