Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail is one of South Carolina's long distance trails, meaning that it takes more than one day to walk from one end to the other. The trail is 76 miles long, starting at Oconee State Park and ending at Table Rock State Park.

Several miles of the trail hug the north side of Lake Jocassee. It also follows several rivers and streams including the Whitewater and Chatooga Rivers.  The Toxaway river dumps into Lake Jocassee at one junction and both Whitewater Falls (the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi) and Laurel Fork Falls (as well as several smaller waterfalls) can be reached via the trail. 

Maps and guidebook can be found here

These folks have a nice trail journal of their through hike of the trip. 

Bridge over Whitewater River.

Virginia Hawkins Falls

Suspension bridge over Toxaway River

Toxaway River just before it meets
 Lake Jocassee

View of Lake Jocassee.
Lower Whitewater Falls
Laure Fork Fal


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