Greenville Development

Now that the economy is picking up, it's nice to see a lot of new things developing around town. New side walks are being installed as part of the city's promise to have a sidewalk on every street. The city has recently added a new foot bridge in Cleveland Park so that it's no longer necessary to cross McDaniel to get from Falls Park to Cleveland. They've widened the walking paths, fortified the river banks and upgraded fences and landscaping.

Downtown there are three lots that have been empty for years that now have major construction occurring. Here, here and here.

The Kroc Center is well underway, here.

A 10 million dollar project has been approved for the Piazzo Bergamo Plaza and adjacent lot.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail continues to expand, the latest proposal being an extension to run through Pleasant Ridge Park, where it has just been announced that a new zip line will be installed. Swamp Rabbit Master Plan

Church Street in the future?
It also appears that the city has finally started construction of the Haynie-Sirrine master plan, which is a long overdue update to one of the entrances to the city.

A couple of new sports bars have opened downtown. One, that I can't remember the name of is located across the street from The Corner Pocket. The other, The Carolina Ale House, located on Main, has a really nice upstairs section with large glass windows and a ceiling that is removed when the whether is nice so the dining area becomes roof top seating. The Nose Dive, a gastropub, has just opened across from The Ale House.

One block north, there is a sign for a new place called The Art Bar which is to open soon. On the back side of that building The Beer Exchange recently opened which offers every beer imaginable for take out. What I'm most excited about though is the opening of The Trappe Door, a Belgian bar and restaurant opening in the basement of the Barley's building, which should be opened any day now.

Next I think Smiley's Acoustic Cafe needs to expand into the empty building beside it and install a large deck out back where they offer live music daily throughout the warmer months. Smiley's if you're reading this, if you build it we will come.


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♥love your blog♥

Jeremie Owens said...

I totally agree with Smiley's expanding! Like the blog!