This may be the best Artisphere to date for the following reasons:

  1. Despite the stormy forecast, the weather has been great.
  2. The ratio of real art to kitschy "booth art," is leaning far more towards the real art side.
  3. The live music is better than ever. There are far more artistes with original music as opposed to the old R&B, country and beach music cover bands of the past.  I caught three bands today who were all excellent. (Elonzo, The New Familiars, and Cory Chisel.)
  4. Most importantly, NO MORE STUPID TICKETS! Now you can buy food, beer and wine with cash. And get can now buy wristbands and beer at the same booth at the same time. No more standing in line for a wristband and then a second line for booze.  Wonder if the rest of the downtown events will follow suit? 
Kudos to executive director Kerry Murphy!