Halfway to Habana Cigar and Martini Bar (The Cigar Boxx)

UPDATE #2 (1/8/2012):  Good news! H2H has re-opened although under a different name, The Cigar Boxx. Currently the establishment is primarily a cigar shop and lounge with a small beer and wine menu, but the owner tells me that they are expanding to the space next door to open a full bar with an extensive scotch and bourbon menu. He says this new section will be open in the next month or so.

The new location is 23 College St. in downtown Greenville.

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UPDATE: (2/13/11) While walking the dog last night I came across a disturbing discovery. Halfway to Habana is closed down! A note on the door said that "due to restrictive smoking policies [or something like that] that we had to close our doors," although the note does say they will be opening elsewhere in the downtown area.  A couple times when I was there, the bartenders told me that the business upstairs from them often complained of the smoke. 

Original Post from  2/13/10

A few months ago one of Greenville's finest cigar shops moved a few blocks down Main street to fill the space previously occupied by Latitude Restaurant. Their new space is much larger, contains a full bar and restaurant, and of course a smoking lounge.  Cigarettes are not allowed in the establishment due to the city's anti-smoking ban, but cigars and pipes are welcome in this one bar as the result of a state proviso. The bar has a small, although excellent, beer list, an excellent wine list, 70 different brands of scotch, and of course a number of martini specials. A beer and a stogie is not a bad way to kill an hour or two on a snowy afternoon. 


Laura Elaine said...

I was so sad to see Latitude go - it was me and my husband's favorite restaurant! But, H2H is a great establishment and I think they fit in great there. I just try not to think about the old place when I'm in there :)

Dentist Greenville SC said...

I used to love this place. :(

John Blanton said...

Greenville is so close to Asheville its not even funny. Let me know if you are in our neck of the woods, and I'll try to hook you up!

Anonymous said...

The Cigar Boxx bar has a huge selection of Scotch's(best selection anywhere!), Burbon's and anything else you could imagine. Come on down and enjoy a cigar and a cocktail! It won't disappoint! Owner is great and very knowledgeable.