Tavern by the Falls

This is a nice little restaurant located near Lake Toxaway. The seating is primarily located on a deck (sort of) overlooking Toxaway Falls. The menu, beer list and wine list are extensive, featuring several good craft beers and food items ranging from trout to duck to lobster to prime rib. Unfortunately they seem to be going through some growing pains so not everything on the menu is available at any given time, but it still makes a great place to stop after a day of fishing, golfing, hiking or geocaching nearby.

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Location: 35° 7'21.89"N 82°55'55.10"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 55 miles
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Anonymous said...

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Cindy Hooper said...

I was the owner of the Tavern By The Falls. Unfortunately, the economy got the best of us in 2008.
The restaurant is about to reopen with a new owner. It will be the Chestnut Cafe. Please stop by and check it out.