Paramount's Carowinds

(Images from Carowinds' on-line media kit.)

If you like standing in the blistering South Carolina heat for 45 minutes to gain access for a twenty second thrill ride, Carowinds is a good choice. Similar in size and quality to Six Flags, Kings Dominion, King's Island, and Bush Gardens, as far as theme parks are concerned it's a nice one. If you'd like to avoid the heat and long lines, now is a good time of the year to check it out. Although the waterpark area is closed, most everything else is open with little waiting. Also in the evenings they are currently hosting what they call Scarowinds, which includes Halloween themed exhibits and rides.

The best (and scariest) two rides, in my opinion, are the Borg Assimilator (pictured above) and the Drop Zone (pictured below). The Borg is a roller coaster where participants lie down head first and are tossed and turned all different directions. In the Drop Zone you’ll climb 160 feet then be dropped like a stone straight down at 56 mph.

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Location: 35° 6'2.96"N 80°56'19.63"W
Distance from downtown Greenville: 107 miles
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