Disk (Frisbee) Golf Courses

Recently, one of my sons and I were trying to remember where all the good disk golf course are around here. These are the only ones we could remember.

Timmons Park - This a good one although it was recently re-routed and is a bit confusing toward the end.

Here are a couple more I found on-line that I'm not familiar with.

I'd love for people to chime in and offer others they know of, both in Greenville County and in the surrounding counties.

Update: Hat tip to Otis for the following resource. Upstate Disc Golf Courses


Otis said...

Hey there...

My friends and I are frequent players and write for a site called Upstate Frolfer.

Here is another good resource:


Hope to see you out there.

Tom Taylor said...

Furman University has just put in an 18 hole course. I haven't seen or played it, but I understand it's on the other side of the lake, near the Swamp Rabbit Trail and along the back side of the regular golf course.

Century Park has recently been redone, and is quite nice.

The Hall~Smith Family said...

The Century Park course is awesome!