Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a rails to trails project located in southwest Virigina. It starts near the top of Virginia's second highest peak, Whitetop Mountain, and runs thirty-four miles to downtown Abingdon. Originally a steam engine called the Virginia Creeper ran through the area. The rail was abandoned in 1974 and construction of the trail began in 1977.

The trail is open to hikers and equestrians but primarily used by mountain bikers. There are several bike rental companies nearby which will shuttle visitors to Whitetop. From there they can ride all the way to the end or stop in Damascus, the halfway point. Damascus is also the lowest point on the trail, so starting at either end is a downhill trek for the first half of the trail. As you can see by the white blaze on the bridge, part of the trail converges with the Appalachian Trail temporarily. They then separate before meeting again in Damascus. Damascus is known as the friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail and is the location of an annual festival known as Trail Days.

One of the first stops on the trail is this old train depot called Green Cove. The depot has been transformed into a gift shop. A famous photograph of the spot called, Maud Bows To The Virginia Creeper can be seen here.

After about five miles the trail begins to follow the Holston River, a favorite spot of trout fisherman.

There are also plenty of campsites along the way.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 170 miles.

Location of bike rental shop and end of trail.