Augusta St. Haunted House?

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What's up with this place? It's located a block from Main Street between the SC Children's Theatre and Smiley's Acoustic Cafe, near the baseball stadium. It could be beautiful.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 0 miles.


tp, said...

I've wondered about that place myself. I've taken a couple of photos from the street, but would love to have a tour. Is it still occupied?

Tom said...

Oops - just realized i shouldn't type in the dark. My name is TOM, not, "tp," as seen in the comment above.

Yeah, that Tom.

Miss Destructo said...

We went out there today and took some photos. It's 133 Augusta St, I can't find ANY information on the web about it. It's a beautiful and HUGE building, with two back side buildings... with what looks to be a fairly new mailbox.

Amazing glass window on the front of it, I would love to see the inside.

Wonder what this building used to be and why it's fallen to such disrepair.

One thing though, it's surely creepy.

Eric said...

Tom, I never thought it was but the other day (the day it snowed) my wife and I walked by and noticed a car in the back that was running. Then we walked by again Sunday and the car was there again. And in the Google map photo there is a different car there. (At least I think it's a different one.) Tom, I have an adventure in mind for you and me. I'll e-mail you.

Miss D, I found out who the last owner was by looking on the Greenville property records website but didn't want to violate anyone's privacy by posting it here. The last name is a well known Greenville name.

Miss Destructo said...

I found the car in the google map earlier today and am doing a posting on my blog to see if anyone knows any information about the history of this house.
Probably a caretaker since it seems there are two houses in the back of the main house.

I looked up records also today and found the same name!

Eric said...

Cool. Maybe we'll find out something really maybe it's being haunted by Old Mr. Withers, the widower caretaker who doesn't want anyone to buy it and turn it into a nice B and B.

Miss Destructo said...

He would of had it all if it wasn't for those meddeling bloggers.
*shaky fist*

Brad said...

I think I killed a full hour researching the ownership history, former owner, property records, etc today.

Assuming you came up with all the same stuff I did. Local obits don't show previous owner dying any time in recent years, but records do indicate she owned at least three plots of land on the same block, all of which appear to now be held under the same trust. At 84 years old, one can assume what's happened.

Regardless, it's a fascinating place (and happens to be next door to my favorite bar). If I had 3/4 million, I might buy it so I could walk home from Smiley's.

ArianaZariah said...

Just stumbled onto your site, researching the same. County records now indicate a transfer of deed made in March 2013 to a Foundation of same family name. We met a guy last night at Smiley's that was hired to cut down a tree on the property recently. He had no info to pass on. Still digging.

Anonymous said...

The House Was willed To The Childrens Little Theater. To Get ItThey Have To DemolIsh the House. If They Don't, It Goes Under A Trust Handled By WElls Fargo And Will Go To Greenville. I Hope It Doesn't get Demolished.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, per the news today, the Cureton House is being demolished today. The house and land was trusted to the Children's Little Theator and they had right to tear it down if they are going to build on the land and erect a memorial to Josephine Cureton's brother. He died in WWII and she wants him remembered.