Roan Mountain

Roan Mountain is a treasure trove of wildlife and mountain flora. The summit of Roan sits at almost 6300 feet so even in the middle of summer the days are cool and crisp. The elevation also means that you'll experience a boreal forest of spruce, cedar and fir.

Roan is also known for it's rhododendron, which typically bloom in June. A series of very easy trails at the summit will allow you to explore the rhodos. Another trail will take you to Roan High Bluff, which offers a lookout (that on windy days can blow you right off the mountain).

The Appalachian Trail also runs across the summit of Roan then continues over several balds.

The images to the left include, Round Bald, Jane's Bald, Little Hump Mountain and Hump Mountain. A state park with camping, cabins, and a pool is located at a lower elevation. For more images and further descriptions of the Roan Mountain area, please check out Mark Peacock's Blog.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 125 miles.

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James said...

Really great blog! I just discovered it, but I am enjoying going back through the older posts. I have lived in Greenville for about 4 years, but there are still places I haven't visited yet. Thanks again for a great resource.