Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria

"Ron Paul is the best....Robespierre was actually... Saliere was Mozart's rival but unlike the movie suggested, he actually...When Stravinsky first performed his Rite of Spring he was booed off the stage...."

Can you imagine a bar where you might hear those topics being discussed by the barkeep and his customers? Well that's exactly what I overheard while shooting a little pool this afternoon with the old lady at my favorite place.

Barley's has the best beer selection in the Upstate and a short but good menu. They also provide the best pool room in town.

27 taps downstairs. 31 taps upstairs. How can you go wrong? No Bud, no Miller, no Coors - Barley's sells only hand-crafted beer. In addition to the downtown Greenville location, there are three other locations all within in a day's drive of Greenville in Asheville, Knoxville and Spindale.

Distance from downtown Greenville: 0 miles

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Anonymous said...

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